Casino tricks

Casino Chip Tricks

casino chip tricks
Casino chip tricks are among the most recognized characteristics of casino gaming. They are naturally attractive to have, hold in hand and look at proudly. Casinos are great at generating chips visually appealing so that some individuals don’t use them just to play, but instead collect them as a piece of showpiece. Some chip sets can go for thousands of dollars and are created with high quality stones and designs. Whether you’re a professional gambler or simply enjoy playing at casino tables as a form of relaxation or recreation, you’ll find it exciting to learn new casino chip tricks.

One of the things that gamblers love to see is when other players fold their chips before the counting begins but immediately re-raise them before the counting is complete. Casinos employ gamblers who know how to coax other gamblers into doing this, because the highest possible face value on a re-raised chip immediately converts into a low-valued secondary chip after the count is finished. Since there are no limitations on the number of re-raises a player can have, the practice can be quite applicable. You may also observe that some casino managers will stop a bet after it is made if a player bets the same number as another player before the count is completed. In many casinos a single card of a particular suit may be allowed to be re-raised by up to the limit before the bet is raised to its face value.

While it’s not illegal to do these kinds of things, it is illegal to carry any chips around with you and can get you into some serious legal trouble. To really enjoy the excitement of casino chip tricks, practice before you venture outdoors. Practice playing at home using demo chips and then take it out on the street for real playing.

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