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Mini-Frankford Boots for Kids

Mason Dixon Big & Little Set!

To bring matching MD style with your little one, check out the Frankford Big & Little Set.

Mini-Frankford Boots for Kids

Our Mini-Franks are a kid-friendly version of our classic adult Frankford boot. Like the full-sized version, the Mini-Franks feature an unstructured upper handcrafted from fine leathers and a vegetable tanned leather inside sole. The Mini-Franks add a natural crepe rubber sole and a generous toe box, perfect for growing feet and kids on the go. Each pair of Mini-Franks comes with one pair of waxed cotton laces in your choice of color.

To view leather options, select a color from the dropdown below.

$ 92.00

To make your Mini-Franks uniquely yours, you can personalize with your child's name, initials, or brief message stamped on the insole. You can elect to have the same message stamped in both shoes or to divide the message between the left and right.

In addition, we'd like to ship your Mini-Franks to you in a bag stamped with your child's name. Regardless what, if anything. you decide to stamp in the shoe, please include your child's name if you'd like your bag personalized.

How do I know what size to order?

If you don't know your child's European size, simply convert using the chart below. For more detailed information, refer to our Size Guide.

US Eur
3 19
4 20
5 21
6 22
7 23
7.5 24
8.5 25
9 26
10 27
11 28
11.5 29
12.5 30
1.5 31
2 32
3 33

What happens next?

Once we receive your order, we'll send you a confirmation order and follow up with you if we have any questions. This product is made to order by hand, so please allow 4 weeks for delivery. We'll keep you posted on progress and will send you an email once your Mini-Franks are ready to ship.

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